Wednesday, February 23

Air Conditioning Prices - Busting The Myths

When you are looking for best possible air conditioning prices that you can get, you are in the right place. The summer is coming again and it is always the best time to use the winter to prepare for the summer, don't you agree. And the longer you wait, the more demand there will be for AC repair and service technicians, and less chance you will have to negotiate lower central air units prices...

We'll bust a number of myths here about air conditioning installation and air conditioning units prices. You should be better prepared to go ahead and get that disfunctional home air conditioner replaced or upgraded sooner, and before the summer heat strikes.

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Here are the myths, busted:

Q: True or False? One can just look into yellow pages and get a quote for a home AC system.

A: False. Each home is different, and insulated differently. A respectable company will schedule a visit before they give you a quote.

Q: True or False? Central air conditioning systems are commonplace. Every shop will give you about the same central air prices quote.

A: False. That is a travesty almost as big as saying - each car repair shop will give you the same quote for your car engine replacement. In reality, different shops work in different ways, and they will provide different services. Therefore, their prices and AC installation quotes will vary wildly. We have seen 50% differences, or $5,000 difference in price for a residential AC system install.

Q: True or False? Yellow pages is the place to look for the best air conditioner contractors and lowest central air prices.

A: False. That may have been true 15 years ago, but today checking online and yellow pages is a must to find companies that will do what you want AND give you a decent price. Do search for HVAC services in yellow pages, but do not forget to search for HVAC prices on Google too.

Q: True or False? There is not much else to do with the AC system after installation.

A: False. In fact, to save money on an ongoing basis it is prudent to think ahead of regular monthly check ups, conservation plans for the winter, and annual maintenance. You might be able to cut a deal on annual maintenance service with the same company that will install your AC unit.

All in all, the more you know, and the more companies you talk too, the easier it will be for you to find a great price AND a fitting cheap air conditioner system that will keep the air in your house cool and clean for a long time to come.

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