Sunday, February 20

Top 10 Facts About The Reality Of Central AC Prices That You Probably Didn’t Know

With summer approaching rapidly, and having endured last summer's extreme heat and humidity, much of the country has sworn that they will fix, upgrade, or replace their central AC systems. After being left in the sweltering heat and terrible humidity, many homeowners decided that they will do upgrade or replace their inefficient and failing AC systems. Homeowners are looking for best central AC prices they can get. Thinking ahead about the winter heating, they are looking to save money on HVAC prices too, or Heating, Ventillation, and Air Conditioning prices.

Also, homeowners nationwide decided they will do everything in their power to keep their cooling and heating costs down to the minimum - it is no fun to be hit by a multi-hundred dollar electricity bill each month in the summer!

Check out these top 10 facts to find out how you can minimize your expenditure and ongoing costs by upgrading and getting the best central AC prices possible.

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Here are the top 10 facts about getting best AC unit prices:

1. First and foremost, know what AC system you currently have. What types of problems did you experience with it recently? What about heating systems? Do you want a new furnace or would you prefer to look into the heat pump prices instead?

2. Before looking into the details of a new AC unit prices, check what is the power (in tons or BTU) and efficiency (in SEER) of your current AC system.

3. Also, figure out whether the insulation of your home has been improved. Together with the higher efficiency of modern air conditioners, and better insulations, you could get a lower BTU rating central AC unit, start off with a lower HVAC cost, and your monthly savings could be substantial on top of that.

4. If your system is over 10-15 years old, you can rest assured that the SEER rating, or the energy efficiency of a typical central AC unit has doubled in the meantime.

5. Before inquiring about the central air conditioning prices and the prices for home AC installation, ask yourself if you really need the whole house cooled at all times. A "zoned" solution may save you money every month.

6. These days, you can find central AC contractors both in the yellow pages, and online. Make a list and get ready to interview them.

7. During the initial phone calls, be sure to get your questions answered but also be prepared to provide basic information about your needs and what you want done.

8. Before you get a quote, be sure to check out prices of central AC units online as well, for comparison purposes. Ask how many man-hours are included in the quote.

9. A contractor giving you an air conditioner cost quote over the phone is a red flag. Be sure to schedule a home inspection first before getting a customized quote.

10. During the inspection, the quality contractor will inquire about related issues as well, such as any problems with either heating or cooling equipment you may have had, and whether you have any concerns with the general air quality of your home.

These are just the basic questions you need to be aware of to be able to get the best deal and ultimately the best central air conditioners prices.

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