Sunday, February 20

Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers: Best Kept Secret Of The AC Industry

Why are exterior AC covers the best kept secret of the AC industry? Probably because there is no incentive to promote an inexpensive product that can save you thousands of dollars on AC maintenance and repair!

Seriously though, in this article we will bust some myths that could prevent you from taking advantage of using outdoor and indoor air conditioner cover and starting to save money right away. Other ways to get low air conditioning prices.

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Here is the Q&A, True or False questionnaire:

Q: True or False? The air conditioning covers will always improve your home air conditioners energy efficiency, and save you money each year.

A: False. While mostly true, and yes, the right air conditioner cover can save you tons of money. There is, however a possibility that, a cover that doesn't breathe sufficiently, would cause higher humidity in the external AC unit, thus speeding up the corrosion process.

Q: True or False? Outdoor air conditioning covers do not improve the energy efficiency of the central air conditioner.

A: False. When you protect the air conditioning unit in the winter, it will be cleaner and less corroded when you need it in the spring or summer.

Q: True or False? Air conditioning covers do not improve air flow inside the compressor air conditioner unit.

A: False. By reducing the debris accumulted on the fans, and grilles, air conditioning cover will much improve the air flow when you put the AC unit into use.

Q: True or False? Home air conditioner covers can not improve the lifetime of an air conditioner unit.

A: False. In most climates, the corrosion is the biggest factor in determining lifetime of an external AC unit. By reducing humidity, wind and UV light damage, the lifetime of an AC unit is greatly extended.

Q: True or False? AC covers are not worth the money and hassle.

A: False. The estimate of AC covers money savings over the lifetime of the AC unit are a significant fraction of the total cost of the AC unit, which can be thousands of dollars. Even a small fraction of $10,000 is still several hundreds, even thousands of dollars. In addition, you could save hundreds every year on reduced utility bills. Are such savings worth $20-$50 for a decent AC cover? You decide.

Q: True or False? I live in California. We never have snow here. The weather is mostly nice even in winter. I do not need the added protection of an central air conditioner cover.

A: False. You will be surprised to find that even in a desert climate, the effects of the wind, sand, and UV rays can be devastating. And while there may not be extreme variations in temperature, or freezing, the debris and UV rays effects can still be significantly reduced by using a protective air conditioning cover.

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